Mote provides real-time, environmental & technical measurements and data services on an enterprise scale. All measurements are traceable. Our goal is always to provide relevant, high-quality data that you can trust. Reliable, timely measurement is the basis for better control.

Mote is a specialist B2B service provider supplying precision measurement data and/or services within digital information/IOT supply chains. We understand the impact that relevant, quality data has on managing and controlling sensitive issues, and providing valuable insights (at an appropriate price point).

We source analysers/instruments/sensors from an extensive range of global OEM’s and distributors (being largely manufacturer agnostic to meet our clients needs). Our teams develop, integrate, operate, and service precision monitoring systems (stemming from understanding the information need). We continuously manage measurement risks using proprietary operational analytics software and advanced QA systems. This is essential where performance & reliability are paramount. To solve critical issues and provide specialist information, we develop and apply bespoke solutions.

Our services include:

  • Quality Assured Data Provision: Measurement Campaigns and Contracts
  • Collaborative Supply and Support Services: in End-to-End Enterprise Systems
  • Advanced IOT/Measurement Systems Supply/Set-up
  • Measurement System Development and Integration Services

Services: what we do

Remote monitoring

Precision measurement

Confidence in the data

Sensor network solutions

Provide real-time data

Inform decision-makers

what we monitor

We manage and operate a very diverse range of instruments and IOT systems to meet our client’s needs (from low-cost sensor technologies to sophisticated reference instrumentation).

who we work with

We work with decision-makers, regulators, site operators, researchers, community groups and consultants who require professional measurement and network services.