Working for structural specialists and contractors, we deliver relevant & timely precision data. Whether its deflection, ground plane acceleration, dynamic/structural response, subsidence, or crack propagation, we have a breadth of project experience.

We work with a breadth of domain experts and partner companies who implement a variety of assessment methodologies and offer automated alert systems to manage critical structures.

Automated “operational analytics” constantly assess instrument status to ensure the continuous provision of reliable data or prompt service action to reinstate a fully functioning device.

For remote locations where a power source is not available, self-contained solar-powered systems operate with ultra-low power sleep and wake modes. Measurement frequency can be remotely adjusted to match the time criticality of the measurement.

An example of remote, self-powered telemetry units monitoring submersible tiltmeters, sampling every 5-10 minutes with measurements fed to a number of data platforms and automated alert systems.