Precision measurement

Good decision-making and remote control requires reliable, quality information. “Precision measurement” describes sensors and analysers that are calibrated (ie. inter-comparison with reference systems or traceable to international measurement standards) with known, repeatable performance.

“The devil is in the detail”: with prescribed performance specifications: detection limits, accuracy, linearity, precision, response times, drift rates, interferences, operating temperatures, noise densities, power consumption, etc. And will people believe the measurements? Where are the bodies of evidence that demonstrate both technical performance and limitations?

Matching our client’s decision-making requirements (eg. level of certainty), with instrument attributes (and limitations) is critical. Our team has extensive knowledge around developing and implementing measurement systems, as well as the pit-falls. Mote’s role normally extends to building and maintaining technically credible evidence of measurement performance.

We have extensive calibration facilities and use an international network of measurement standards and calibration laboratories. We continuously research and test new instrument performance to assess their benefits, fitness for purpose and cost of service.

Services and capabilities

Calibration systems

Bespoke measurement integration

Implementing next generation technology

Pre-commercial instruments

New measurement systems: higher performance at lower cost