Services: What we do

Mote operates state-of-the-art sensors, analysers, and networks in urban, rural, and remote locations.

To successfully manage thousands of devices 24/7, every instrument is continuously tracked: data flow and quality, operational status & diagnostics, calibration, location, and service activity. We continuously validate the data and instrument to stream information you can trust.

Remote Monitoring

Remote monitoring

We design, develop and deploy a broad range of application specific monitoring systems and networks.

Precision Measurement

Precision measurement

We tailor the optimal instrument package for each application: from cost effective, “granular” network devices to sophisticated reference instruments and systems.

Sensor Networks

Sensor networks

We design and operate sensor networks using advanced devices, edge and cloud platforms. We understand the role of sensor networks in supplementing existing measurement infrastructure and models.

Provide quality real-time data

Provide quality real-time data

We deliver >95% valid data while maintaining low OPEX “cost of service” rates on an enterprise scale.

Management of Issues:
Inform Decision Makers

With measurement scientists, ex-regulators, condition assessment & application engineers, and data scientists in our team, we’re focused on the value of data to deliver real-world insights.