Everyone wants clean water. Changes in land use, commercial activities, human behaviours, and climate change challenge this. Real-time evaluation and timely local control offer cost-effective ways to achieve better outcomes.

The existing analytical infrastructure for water quality provides an amazing breadth of sophisticated measurement options, often on a per sample or industrial monitoring basis.

Our focus is to complement these existing systems with innovative, real-time indicative measurements, better field-based control support, and networked intelligent sampling technologies (triggered on conditional logic).

This targets:

  • operational, activity, or event-driven environmental impacts,
  • the ability to fine-tune local control actions through rapid, timely feedback,
  • a more granular view of environmental contributions for parameters like sediment load and nutrients.

Continuous monitoring provides direct spatial and temporal feedback for better management practice and environmental outcomes.


Real time mass loading and TSS measurements

Remote, continuous nitrate and nitrite ion monitoring