Who we work with

We work with decision-makers, regulators, site operators, researchers, community groups and consultants who require professional measurement and network services.

Regulators & Local Government

Regulators and local government

Environmental regulators and agencies are tasked with issuing and supervising consents for resource usage and commercial activities. Mote provides independent, expert measurement and audit capabilities. 



We partner with consultants to deliver a comprehensive solution of complex technical or environmental problems. Our role covers instrumentation, IOT support and services. Consultants bring domain knowledge, interpretive and analytical tools, and visualisation platforms to enrich and deliver insights.

Central / Federal Government

Central / federal government (and associated agencies)

We support central government and various public funded agencies to pro-actively assess and manage environmental and technical risk and compliance, and undertake targeted research on specific issues where required.

Site Operators

Site operators

Mote works across a broad range of sectors from road construction and infrastructure, transport, manufacturing, power generation and resource extraction, providing monitoring services and proactive compliance support.



We enjoy challenging projects with local and international research partners, with most staff having international project experience.