Provide quality real-time data

Quality, real-time measurement opens up the opportunity to implement real-time control strategies and predictive forecasting associated with uncontrollable events & activities. This is predicated on making good, reliable measurements.

Motes activities span:

  • equipment and networks that are strictly managed in accordance with rigid international standards, to
  • critical engineering measurements and high density, spatial sensor networks that are controlled within manufacturers protocols, relevant Good Practice Guides, and Mote’s quality systems.

Across the spectrum, all QA and meta-data requirements (to the correct level of legal certainty) must be controlled to have confidence in the validity of the data and/or control actions implemented.

Resilience is equally important. Monitoring and control systems are tailored to the level of criticality required by our clients, with control strategies able to be adjusted remotely. Systems can operate independently or be linked to existing SCADA infrastructure. We regularly implement higher levels of redundancy (eg. N-1/ N-2 systems) and appropriate over-sampling, coupled with advanced comms infrastructures for the application:

  • from secure, private sub-net cellular connections, & encrypted cellular/satellite networks
  • to local, encrypted LoRa networks that connect through multiple gateways and cellular/satellite comms to our cloud systems;
  • to high-performance telemetry systems for regulatory measurement.

These are seamlessly aggregated for our client’s or Mote’s information systems.