Who we are

Mote Ltd is a NZ technology company combining precision measurement with IOT/big data technology to provide quality assured, real-time technical and environmental data.

The company has substantial knowledge, processes, and embedded systems appropriate to air, water, structural, and geotechnical precision measurement (and network systems).

Team members are highly proficient in matching measurement technologies to information needs. The company delivers very high-quality data by continuously interrogating the output from remote devices and applying automated diagnostic and analytical tests to detect faults. The data allows our clients to make better-informed decisions about environmental management, public health, and policies.

Experienced, measurement professionals founded the company with a breadth of knowledge covering: environmental measurement; regulatory and industry requirements; measurement and instrument R&D and manufacturing; remote network management and communications technology; data analytics and graphical presentation; technology development and management.

The company has numerous links to relevant research laboratories worldwide and is partly owned by Auckland Uniservices (the commercialisation arm of the University of Auckland). We have close links to several innovative instrument manufacturers.

Since establishment, the company’s reputation has flourished as a reliable and preferred data supplier, and research partner with key local and central government agencies, consultants, universities, and large site operators.

Our goal is to grow to be a leading supplier of environmental data in the Asia-Pacific.

Main office address:

40A George Street, Mt Eden, Auckland 1024
PH +64 09 630 8782
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