What we monitor

Mote focuses on the codified assessment, control, or decision-making requirements before implementing solutions. We support a broad range of OEM equipment; having extensive measurement expertise and capabilities in the following areas:

Air (Particulate Matter, NES gases, Contaminant gases)

  • Regulatory instrumentation
  • Compliance and control measurement
  • Specific chemical species or class of contaminants (eg. BTEX, PAH’s, etc)
  • Odour analysis
  • Specialist instrumentation


  • Real-time inclinometers, piezometers, tiltmeters, impact sensors
  • Extensometers, joint, and crack measurement
  • Strain gauges, load and pressure cells
  • Camera systems
  • Specialist instrumentation


  • Common physical measurements
  • Compliance and control measurements
  • Specific chemical species and contaminants
  • Specialist instrumentation
Geotech / Structural


  • Deflection, tiltmeters and dynamic/structural response measurements
  • Optical systems
  • Real-time joint and crack measurement
  • Specialist instrumentation


  • Meteorology
  • Condition Assessment
  • Time-lapse or motion, telemetered cameras
  • Specialist Instrumentation