Hamesh Patel

Consultant Scientist

Role Description

Hamesh delivers specialist air quality monitoring programmes for Mote’s clients. He is responsible for the operation and maintenance of a number of Mote’s regulatory and low-cost monitoring networks located across a broad range of environments.

Hamesh has 7 years’ experience in operating and managing remote networks of air quality monitoring instruments for specialist programmes both in New Zealand and internationally.

He has worked alongside some of New Zealand largest government agencies providing input and specialist technical support for air quality management within their jurisdiction. He has also worked with a number of site operators, providing real-time risk assessments to manage their sites efficiently and safely.

Hamesh is actively involved in supporting research across a number of academic institutes in Australia and New Zealand, researching new methodologies for quantifying emerging contaminants which contributes to more effective policy.


  • BSc (Geography).
  • MSc 1st Class Honours (Environmental Science).
  • PhD (Environmental Science) candidate / in progress

Specialist Skills

  • Collecting high-quality data that meets local and international standards.
  • Source identification including particle speciation and source apportionment.
  • Instrument development and maintenance (technical specialist).
  • Quantifying the effectiveness of traffic management interventions and other similar policy interventions.
  • Managing dense sensor networks, working alongside citizen scientists.


7 years.