Hamesh Patel

Scientist | BSc, MSc

Hamesh Patel graduated from the University of Auckland with BSc, MSc in Environmental Science, and is continuing his education, working towards a Ph.D. in Environmental Science. He is passionate about collecting high-quality data across various air pollution networks in order to understand population exposure and associated health effects within an environmental justice framework.

Hamesh has worked on various monitoring projects across New Zealand and the USA. One project with the University of Auckland and California’s South Coast Air Quality Management District involved distributing a high density, 100 node air pollution network (measuring PM, O3, NO2 stretching from downtown Los Angeles to the border with Mexico. The purpose was to collect data for citizens, scientists, and community groups, making air pollution data accessible to all.

Hamesh works alongside other senior scientists at Mote to deliver cost-effective monitoring solutions and regulatory network maintenance to achieve the best outcome for the client.