Manojkumar Hegde

Software Engineer

Role Description

Manoj is responsible for developing and refining the backend data management system for connected devices, ensuring optimal telemetry software functionality.

His role involves executing operational tasks for Mote’s database, web, and cloud computing systems. He actively engages in data processing and analysis tasks, troubleshoots equipment for remote telemetry stations, addresses firmware and interface application issues and assists customers with specific data handling requests. Manoj also implements software development best practices, including version control, testing, and documentation and contributes to the development of automated reporting tools.


  • BSc (Information Technology).

Specialist Skills

  • Experienced in using Python, Java, and PHP for server-side programming.
  • Proficient in database management with expertise in Postgres and My SQL.
  • Skilled in deploying and managing applications on AWS services and web applications.


10+ years.