Ramesh Nair

Electronics Engineer

Role Description

Ramesh is an Electronics Engineer specialising in firmware design and development with a focus on ensuring robust and reliable communication systems.

Ramesh has over 9 years of experience working with microcontrollers and embedded systems, ensuring the efficient integration of firmware with hardware components. Ramesh builds the edge based firmware for all of Mote’s proprietary telemetry systems.
His role requires strong problem-solving skills, management skills and a collaborative approach to cross-disciplinary projects.


  • BTech (Electronics and Communication Engineering)
  • MTech (VLSI and Embedded Systems)
  • MEM (Hons.)

Specialist Skills

  • Proficient in crafting embedded software solutions for diverse electronic devices.
  • Adept at leveraging in-depth knowledge of hardware and software interactions to optimise performance.
  • Skilled in implementing communication protocols, error handling mechanisms, and security features to guarantee seamless data exchange.


9 years.