Structural stability of building during refurbishment

Full visibility of structural stability (and areas of concern) with distributed sensor networks throughout the building.

Structural stability is the most fundamental requirement of buildings. Unacceptable vibrations and instability failures during renovation and refurbishment of vulnerable structures need to be proactively avoided. Combining a range of vibration, tilt, crack meters, and other physical measurements, self-contained monitoring networks can be quickly installed to inform on structural stability.

Mote’s robust wireless instrument networks provide continuous, automatic checking of the health status of buildings. Alerts are immediately available to on-site personnel and for wider distribution.

Our continuous validation and diagnostic systems confirm the functional status of each sensor and alert service personnel to any issues.  Multiple wireless data transmission solutions are provided to deliver adequate redundancy.

By deploying the sensors throughout buildings, full visibility, and remote structural health verifications can be conducted for stakeholders 24/7.

An automated network of structural stability monitors fitted at critical locations within vulnerable buildings during refurbishment.