Real-time total suspended solid measurements

Real-time determination of turbidity & total suspended solids (TSS) allow site operators to better manage water-discharges; assuring consent conditions are met. Remote, timely control decisions are painless with robust, telemetered instruments.

Storm events present unpredictable and on-going challenges. When rainfall & level alerts are triggered, control actions can be accomplished by messaging operators or the instruments being coupled to other technologies, for example, flocculent dosing systems.  By automatically triggering the pre-set treatment strategy and monitoring subsequent suspended solids reduction, optimal control measures can be developed for each site.

Instruments (eg. Quadbeam Technologies, optical rain gauges) require minimal intervention. The integrated systems also collect water samples for 3rd party lab verification (at critical timestamps) to provide accuracy and confidence in assessing temporal variations in turbidity and total suspended solids (where environmental limits are important.)

With fully-automated system diagnostics and continuous remote validation, these devices form the basis of robust, real-time monitoring networks requiring minimal supervision.