Calibration systems

All monitoring assets are regularly calibrated (ie traceable to international measurement standards or OEM reference systems) to build and maintain confidence in the data.

This is performed within:

  • Mote’s calibration laboratory, or using
  • Fully automated calibration field equipment, or
  • Scheduled field intercomparisons using transfer standards equipment, or
  • Our network of internationally recognised calibration, measurement and standard laboratories.

We also continuously operate on-line instrument and network intercomparison systems where the statistical properties (eg. equality) of each sensors data is assessed relative to previous measurements and between sensors. Within limits, field data can be automatically corected using these techniques given certain conditions are met.

Many instruments are programmed to automatically collect samples during “excursions” or natural climatic events, allowing for more detailed analysis in an analytical laboratory.

Structural and geotechnical monitors are usually set-up to alert survey or other measurement specialists to undertake more sophisticated measurement when a control point is exceeded.