Implementing new precision instrumentation

Integrating precision instruments into a measurement system and validating the system performance is a core function.

The introduction of new state-of-the-art analysers into an existing measurement network requires appropriate inter-comparisons and data confirmation to assure long term data sets are coherent. This example shows a new continuous, real-time PM10 and PM2.5 mass monitor (utilising broadband spectroscopy) and its inter-comparability with beta-attenuation and direct, gravimetric measurements.

The implementation of new instruments within a larger framework of diverse measurements systems takes expertise and experience to:

  • Confidently assure the instrument performance specifications are being met (or not), the instrument is correctly selected and set up to answer the questions posed, as well as being correctly operated, serviced and maintained.
  • Any divergence in the data outcomes between different measurement assets need to be rationalised and understood within the context of the measurement systems and environmental questions posed.