Control systems managing extreme events/climate change

Ensuring field control systems are able to cope with storm events is on many people’s minds, such as managing suspended solids discharges to waterways or contaminants from sites.

Real-time measurement of the impact of storm events/climate change (e.g. rain fall or storm water systems), with responsive control systems (e.g. flocculation dosing systems) and discharge sampling (e.g. tailored auto-sampling) provides an easy way to tune and confirm the effectiveness of control measures.

Mote’s measurement systems provide 24/7 monitoring; control points can be updated or tuned remotely to capture ‘first-flush’ or extended storm events, and email confirmations when discharge samples are ready to pick up provide accurate information to manage transitory events. In complex urban neighbourhoods where many sites discharge into the receiving environment, these systems can be networked to accurately understand the source of contaminants from multiple locations.