Structural health monitoring of existing infrastructure during refurbishment

Refurbishment can be challenging with vulnerable structures, short term activities, or if the critical infrastructure cannot be fully vacated.

Existing, vulnerable hospital structures undergoing extensive earthquake strengthening refurbishment. Stability measurements were implemented across the structure.

Real-time data provides rapid feedback when: there is the potential for:

  • things to change (ie excavation) due to planned construction activity,
  • Unintended consequences may arise from equipment use (excessive vibrations) or failure and/or
  • Correct or additional control measures are required to re-assure owners.

In conjunction with our domain partners, Mote determines the level of redundancy in over-sampling as well as failure tolerance (eg. N-1 or N-2 redundancy) in data collection and transmission infrastructure. Continuous processes to test and assure the measurement systems are operating correctly, without fault, are equally important. We work hard to ensure the system is up 24/7 and any faults are rapidly resolved.