Queensland open cast coal mining:
Vertical dust distributions

Advanced Environmental Dynamics Pty Ltd undertook a major study to assess the Vertical Distribution of Dust from Mining Activities’, supported by the Australian Coal Association Research Programme (ACARP).

Queensland Open Cast Coal Mining: Vertical Dust Distributions

The objective was to give the mining industry and regulators increased confidence in results produced by dust dispersion models by validating and improving the methodology applied to open-cut mining operations. The multi-year campaign was undertaken at BM Alliance Coal Operations Pty Ltd (BMA) Caval Ridge Mine located near Moranbah, in the Bowen Basin, Central Queensland, involving instrumentation on a 30 m tower.

Mote Ltd provided measurement and telemetry expertise: 3D sonic anemometers, radiation, Temp, RH and nephelometer equipment integration, installation and commissioning, data streaming and data validation, remote fault detection and instrument servicing for this significant field campaign; used in conjunction with dust dispersion model validation components.