Ultra-fine particles in Australasian cities

As part of a Queensland University of Technology led study, and collaborating with State environmental protection agencies and research institutes, this project aims to establish a comprehensive understanding of UFP’s across Australia and New Zealand.


Particulate matter is one of the most complex air pollutants. Ultrafine particles (UFP’s) are particles less than 0.1 µm diam. They have the ability to penetrate deep into the lungs and cross over into the bloodstream. The WHO has noted the carcinogenic effects of particulate matter (with more emphasis being put on understanding finer particulate fractions).

UFP’s are a direct emission from combustion sources such as transport, aviation, and shipping, emitted from natural, biogenic sources as well as formed via complex chemical processes in the atmosphere.  This project aims to measure, characterise and build an understanding of  UFP’s from different sources across Australia and New Zealand cities.