Innovative urban or rural "nested" measurement networks

Mote has years of remote network experience using combinations of innovative instruments and hierarchal validation methods to optimally deliver to the client needs.

Nested, urban environmental networks focused on “liveable city” and managing traffic pollution exposure.      

Water quality networks focused on managing run off & discharge impacts as well as recreational safety of natural freshwater assets. 

Complementary instrument layers are used for very specific purposes:

  • high accuracy instruments with high legal certainty anchor the network;
  • very precise monitors provide comparability across large spatial regions,
  • cost-effective, supplementary monitors provide indicative data for high-density information, for example to precisely map spatial concentration gradients or emission sources;
  • instruments providing meta-data such as remote Bluetooth or Wi-Fi people/traffic counters deliver contextual information such as the number of people exposed and traffic speeds for modelling.

Our expertise covers selecting the correct instrument combinations, the comparability between instruments (eg. impact of measurement interferences), harvesting appropriate data sources, and delivering quality-assured, real-time data to our clients.