Small foot-print remote measurement

Mote provides real-time, telemetered measurements from remote sites in “smart cities”.

Battery powered, ground water measurement network providing automatic data feeds to the consultants data systems; America’s Cup Wynyard Edge urban re-development project.

We seamlessly stream the data to mobile, desktop or cloud platforms. Manual field-data collection is less reliable, commercially uncompetitive and frequently presents health and safety risks.

Remote measurement on an enterprise scale is a sizeable part of Mote’s measurement portfolio across a diverse range of service conditions. Mote uses advanced analytics to continuously interrogate each field instrument or sensor to confidently assure the data is valid.

Our specialists can remotely diagnose most instrument faults and identify corrective action. Most instrument packages can be dropped in and installed using local personal. Our Instrument_Wise installation app seamlessly collects the relevant meta-data supporting the dynamic data flow and integrates with the DORA_AI operational analytics. Measurement systems can be reconfigured by authorised service personnel without going to site.