Regulatory reference measurements

Mote Ltd undertakes contracts to operate, service and maintain regional Regulatory Ambient Air Quality Networks and Stations.

Auckland Council ambient air quality reference network operated, serviced and maintained by Mote Ltd. The network is used to assess compliance with the National Environmental Standards for Air Quality (NES-AQ).

A contract may involve operating up to 50-60 state-of-the-art analysers at their highest level of performance (with detection levels < 1 part per billion) across a city or region. The equipment is strictly managed in accordance with rigid international standards, manufacturers protocols, relevant Good Practice Guides, and Mote’s quality systems.

The company provides independent technical advice on the operation and development of instruments and networks. Mote regularly commissions, upgrades and implements new technologies for regulatory clients.

Typical project: Mote recently introduced and fully integrated a new multi-parameter IOT environmental data acquisition system targeted at enterprise level organisations (working with a regional council and product vendor).