Specialist monitoring projects

Mote provides remote monitoring of slopes vulnerable to failures.

Specialist Monitoring Projects:
Performance <> Price Point <> Reliability

Geotech Projects

Mote provides remote monitoring of slopes vulnerable to failures. The stability of a slope is measured/assessed by physical quantities such as surface displacements and the amount of rainfall in a given period of time. A typical project may include using extensometers to measure crack openings, soil layer translations, etc. Data from extensometers are referenced and complemented by other instruments, such as tilt metres, which can capture potential rotational movements of soil layers and inclinometers. Alarm levels set on extensometers, impact sensors and tilt metres alert site operators and can be used to increase the rate of data gathering. Remotely controlled Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) cameras provide full visibility of the site of interest before a further evaluation of the failure can be made.

Typical Projects include:

  • Slip monitoring on a remote State Highway central North Island,  New Zealand: 6 extensometers, 5 tilt metres, 1 rain gauge and 2 cameras.
  • Slip monitoring on remote State Highway eastern North Island, New Zealand: 3 extensometers, 4 tilt metres, 7 impact sensors, 1 rain gauge and 1 camera.

Tilt meter


PTZ camera

The common barriers to using real-time monitoring are:

  • Measurement performance: eg. accuracy, repeatability
  • Cost (CAPEX, OPEX)
  • Reliability: ie. quality data operating unattended for extended duration
  • Connectivity

While deploying standard product is our first choice, Mote personnel are highly skilled at integrating and adapting OEM devices to meet specific price points, performance and reliability specifications. Measurement nodes are frequently integrated with multiple connectivity options as standard: LoRa, dual Cellular and/or Satellite.

Typical example: a consultant needed to achieve a specific measurement price point to implement automated data collection in a high risk health and safety environment. Mote worked with OEM suppliers to integrate a product meeting the performance, cost and reliability parameters, and maintains >95% valid data delivery with the development of custom operational analytics.