Metadata systems: delivering efficiency and fidelity, or supporting decision-making and problem-solving (cause and effect).

Metadata collection systems (whether used independently or in conjunction with real-time monitoring) are equally as valuable as instrument data. Where streamed monitoring data alerts operators and managers to an effect, automated meta-data systems support transactional efficiency, fidelity in record-keeping & asset management, and control/decision-making processes (to evaluate cause and validity).

Partnering with SSLabs ( to provide functional team-scale and scalable enterprise meta-data collection systems, tracking metadata contributes to stream-lining technical processes through better control and understanding. Recording: “What happened where?”, “who did what?”, “at what time and stage of the process?”

Digital tracking of processing parameters, in asset management, and/or historical actions (timestamping, chain-of-custody throughout a process, the physical location of an asset or sample, and service records of assets) provide better outcomes regarding workflow, efficiency, “cause and effect”, validity and relative success/efficacy.