Meteorological Measurement

The interpretation of ambient air quality data is heavily dependent upon meteorological conditions.

For this reason, most of our monitoring stations have meteorological monitoring. We are experienced at selecting, installing and operating the most appropriate meteorological monitoring equipment for our clients. This may range from:

  • low-cost short term monitoring co-located with ambient air monitoring equipment as part of a baseline survey
  • to rugged, low maintenance monitoring with solar powered meteorological sensors that can be easily be relocated or moved as the project needs change
  • to high resolution (20,000 samples per second) three dimensional wind speed and direction sensors deployed at multiple heights on a thirty metre tower in the desert.

Many of our sites have wind direction sampling criteria, meaning that sample collection or the application of monitoring standards and guidelines is often wind direction (and sometime wind speed) dependent. We routinely co-locate monitors with these requirements and either commence or cease monitoring when the wind conditions are unfavourable or only apply relevant standards and guidelines when the wind conditions are appropriate.

We also deploy multiple high resolution rain gauges as part of storm water monitoring systems. These gauges transmit data in real time and alert site operators by text and/or email when rainfall warning thresholds are reached. We can also couple this with continuous suspended sediment monitoring to ensure water quality meets environmental thresholds prior to discharge into waterways, lakes and streams.