Cloud-Based Analytics

While most clients are interested in their decision-making data, we’re continuously streaming a breadth of diagnostic and sub-system data from every instrument and network we operate.

This data is used to automatically scrutinize all our operational instruments and systems using our cloud-based operational analytics  to confirm:

  • The continuous, orderly flow of data,
  • No instrument or system diagnostic condition has been triggered
  • No known mechanistic faults (outside pre-set instrument diagnostic conditions) have been triggered
  • No unknown faults have been detected (based on probabilistic time-series analytics).

Any fault is automatically logged with the systems operator and experienced measurement scientists and engineers make run-repair-replace decisions.

These continuous diagnostics allow us to optimise the cost of service by providing the team with the clearest view of any possible fault condition. In many cases, we hold “hot spares” as well as a full inventory of firmware codes that allow any faulty unit to be swapped out in the shortest possible time.