Indicative Gas Instruments

Mote scientists and technicians are actively aware of the growing demand to provide clients with larger datasets covering wider areas, without compromising on accuracy and precision.

Mote has been actively engaged in both the development and testing of lower-cost, indicative types of sensors, including but not limited to, all those airborne contaminants also measured at the regulatory level by reference instrumentation (PM10-2.5, PM10, PM2.5, NO2, SO2, O3 & CO).

Key examples include the deployment and operation of networks of Aeroqual AQY multi-parameter samplers (PM10, PM2.5, NO2 & O3) in New Zealand and offshore. Mote has assisted a number of clients roll out various indicative gas sensor networks, for example Vaisala AQT420 units to measure the full suite of the most common urban air pollutants (PM10, PM2.5, NO2, SO2, O3 & CO).