Reference NES Gases analysers (NO/NO2/NOx, O3,SO2, CO)

Mote Ltd works with reference and equivalent methods gas analysers every day.

These analysers form part of regulatory Ambient Air Quality Networks (AAQN) as well as projects requiring high legal certainty. Regulatory networks may typically consist of 10-20 stations, running approximately 30-50 full-time continuous US-EPA Federal Reference or Federal Equivalent Method (FRM/FEM) instruments to measure concentrations of NOx, SO2, O3 & CO. Each site also collects meteorological parameters (including temperature, relative humidity, wind speed and wind direction) which is aggregated and validated for the client.

Mote regularly oversees the installation, commissioning and setup of additional monitoring stations on AAQNs, as well as routine audits of regulatory monitoring stations operated by other parties. Our teams have a passion for ‘thinking outside of the box’ and enjoy assisting clients make the most appropriate and defensible measurements required for the purposes of informing local policy decisions and monitoring long-term trends.

“Hot Spare” FEM instrumentation held for immediate change out of active network instruments.