Specialist Gas Measurement

Mote provides a range of field-based, specialist gas measurement options.

Mote can provide real-time, specialist-gas monitoring options including formaldehyde, methane, ammonia, hydrogen sulphide and many others.

Measurement services for these gases range from renting portable instrumentation for spot-sampling or screening assessment through to detailed spatial surveys of gas emissions including flux measurements and installation of continuous real-time monitor networks.

Recent examples include:

  1. land-based surveys of landfills using vehicle-mounted tunable laser diode technology to accurately quantify and map methane emissions.
  2. Continuous ambient BTEX monitoring using gas-chromatograph at an urban monitoring station.
  3. Identification and quantification of organic chemical species in roadside vehicles using SYFT-MS.

We match the appropriate monitoring technique to the chemical of interest to ensure cost-effective, accurate, precise and timely measurements.