Reference Particulate Matter (PM) monitoring methods

Most countries/regions of the world specify different protocols for the measurement of ambient air particulate matter.

The two most commonly referred to are the United States Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA) Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) and the various Reference Measurement Methods and process for determination of equivalence specified in the European Union. Mote is highly conversant with both measurement systems along with several others used in different parts of the world.

Both systems refer to both “Reference Methods” and “Equivalent Methods”. Instruments which do not meet the design and performance-based criteria of “Reference Methods” may still be designated “Equivalent Methods” provided the information is comparable to that of the Reference Method instruments. Some jurisdictions further refine equivalent methods in different sub-classes.

Mote install, service, calibrate and operate a range of both Reference and Equivalent method instruments. In recent years, the sector has increasingly focused on Equivalent instruments, as the higher resolution, finer time scale PM10 measurements provides more useful information than a single 24-hour measurement.

Examples of the type of equipment we currently use are shown below:

Met One Ebam Plus
Teledyne T640
Thermo Scientific 1405 TEOM